What to do…What to wear… How to feel…

So wedding season has become and if I’m honest at the initial thought of it I was quite anxious. Currently I do have a bit of a battle with myself about feeling good in my own skin and however many times someone tells me ‘you look great’ it makes me feel worse. I know and probably everyone in the same boat as me knows that everyone should feel good in their own skin but it’s us that have to stare at the imperfections we hate everyday or cover ourselves up as we walk past a mirror to get in the shower. Or even look at our bare face as we’re about to put our makeup on. And even the people who are comfortable in themselves, good on you!! I just hope that you try and understand how others feel and don’t think they’re stupid because of it, like I’ve seen today. And so back to my original topic, the thought of attending this wedding does make me feel nervous due to the cameras and the pictures and the struggle leading up to it in search of an outfit where I feel momentarily a fraction bit better in myself…

In the technological times we are in, it is no longer enough to just go into town and find something either, because every time I go out to find something I just think ‘I could find something better and cheaper online’ and I think I can vouch for the majority of people on this one and so I went on an online shopping spree from many different places to find the right outfit… and guess where I found it…. AMAZON. A blush pink 3/4 sleeve lace skater dress with a rather straight neckline was the one I picked out of them all, and it was a bargain for the quality! I don’t usually buy clothing from amazon but I have to say this was a great surprise! And you guys will be seeing me wear it on this occasion, if I ever make it that is! Knowing what I’m going to wear I have to say has lifted a slight weight I had on my shoulders and has made me feel slightly better looking forward and I do believe that it is the little things like planning ahead, trying to do as much as possible beforehand does help with the anxiety and the stress, well, it has helped me so it must help other people also!

I think the main thing to remember in times like these is that you’re not alone at all. There are 7 Billion people in this world, and with the increase in stress and anxiety worldwide and the increase of people speaking out about it, its so much easier to talk to people, to get help, or to even help others, and it’s easier to find people who are in the same boat as you and experience the same things, because at the end of the day we are all human, we all have feelings, and we all feel them. So no matter if you’re worried about a silly dress at a wedding like me or you’re worried for exams or anything else at all, just remember to let it out, to someone, to yourself, a piece of paper, a blog or even me!! I will always have open arms to anyone who needs to talk to someone because I know how it feels to feel like you have to be the strong one or you feel like you’d be weak if you did speak your feelings, and I can assure you that is the wrong way to think about it and it will not help you, and so if you did want to speak to someone with no judgements, a first hand experience of these problems completely in secret, drop me an email, by no means am I a doctor, but a friend who you can talk to.

And so if anyone is in the same boat as me I’ll drop the link for the dress below or even use it to go have a look at the rest of the clothing on there because I’m sure there are some great deals on there, and I’ll definitely be writing about Amazon again. Dress– https://amzn.to/2WcHztf

And so to finish this post off, yes it was a mess, a ix of all my emotions and thoughts, but it is all true. And I do think that it would help all of you with any sort of worry or unease to talk to someone, and I’ll carry on talking about these topics because it seems like you like these, tell me if I’m wrong. Hope this helped. Luv J x